In Meeting Notes

Next upComing Projects and content

  • Residential (Tuesday
  • Integris (July)
  • Schools - Historic
  • Church

Project fields:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Categories (Residential, Commercial, Historic, Featured)
  4. Aerial Image
  5. Aerial Video (hero image placement)
  6. Slideshow (static photos for each project)

To Do's

  • Get Google Analytics on it
  • Get with April on her competitive analysis of the other terms and keywords...SEM Rush.
  • Get Address - 1333 NW 16th Street OKC, find zip.
  • Content Vomit of Staplegun material

Blake Will:

  1. Finalize the 3 unique.
  2. Finalize size map and drop-downs.
  3. Generate content and text.