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Products / install:

Next Phase Roofing and Construction installs commercial roofing systems on industrial buildings, churches, shopping centers, office and apartment complexes. Our system types include TPO, EPDM, liquid-applied coatings, standing seam metal, built-up, asphalt shingles, slate and many more. Our certifications and accreditations with industry leading manufactures enable us to offer warranties on labor and material in excess of twenty years.

Peace of Mind:

We utilize the highest quality materials and specifications to ensure every project is done the right way, the first time. Next Phase Roofing and Construction strives to spec each project in conjunction with the leading roofing manufactures requirements to achieve an NDL “No Dollar Limit” manufactures warranty. This allows our clients to achieve the peace of mind that their project was completed to the highest standard with the seal of approval from those who developed it.

















Asset protection and preparation:

Next Phase Roofing and Construction offers our clients access to the industry leading weather tracking technology giving real-time updates of upcoming weather threats and pin point accurate data when it hits. This enables us to respond quickly and decisively in order to mitigate further loss while minimizing business downtime due to interior water intrusion and cleanup.
Our complimentary asset and insurance policy evaluations let you know exactly where you stand before a disaster strikes.

Energy efficient roofing

Our goal on every project is to provide roofing solutions that incorporate the highest emissivity ratings and R-value as possible. This is achieved by scoping your hail or wind loss with the latest International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements and selecting a system that is Energy Star approved. Our wide range of product options allows our clients to customize their new roofing system to maximize thermal values often at the cost of a deductible.








We understand the claims side of the commercial roofing industry.If your building has been affected by a wind or hail-storm we are the best choice to identify, substantiate and restore the full scope of your damaged property.Our approach involves assisting you in understanding the parameters of your policy, documenting the damage, proving the loss, scoping the loss and restoring your property to contemporary standards.Much more needs to be refined and added but this is the start.Also want to include logos of specific insurance companies, accreditations we have, licensing, photos of roofing thermal imaging, severe weather maps, engineering tools we use etc etc.